EST. 2001

Welcome to the American Institute of Metaphysics. It is the mission of the Institute to provide a comprehensive home-study/online curriculum encompassing a variety of fields that have heretofore, been largely ignored and dismissed by mainstream academia.

You will discover here, a system of study and research that is available nowhere else in the world.

The Institute offers courses at a variety of levels:

*Individual Courses
*Certification Programs (3 courses)
*Scholar's Program [Advanced Certification] (10 courses)

*Bachelor-Level Degree Programs
*Master's-Level Degree Programs
*Doctoral-Level Degree Programs

The home-study model allows the student to tailor the completion of his/her coursework according to their schedule, thereby maximizing the effective use of time-- an important factor to the mulitfaceted, fast-paced life of the 21st century!

Textbooks and other materials are shipped directly to the student. Completed coursework can be returned to the Institute for evaluation by regular mail or by email. 

The Institute welcomes all those who seek to explore the deeper and more far-reaching questions and mysteries of our existence and the universe around us.

Please take some time to explore our site by clicking on the menu item(s) of your choice. From the menu, you can learn about our many individual courses, certification and degree programs, as well as how to enroll and become a student of the Institute.