The Institute offers of unique selection of Bachelor, Master's, and Doctoral-level home-study degree programs. These programs challenge and encourage the student to explore and delve deeply into their chosen field of study.

The Institute offers Bachelor-level degree programs in the following areas...

-Occult Sciences
-Folklore and Mythology
-Paranormal Sciences
-UFO Studies
The Institute offers a Master's and Doctoral-Level degree program in Metaphysical Studies. Additionally, the Institute offers a Doctoral-Level degree programs in Demonology.


Bachelor of Arts in Theology
*AM-517 Turin Shroud Studies
*AM-518 The Historical Jesus
*AM-528 Crucifixion Pathology
*T-570 General Theology
*T-571 World Religions
*T-572 Ancient Religions
*T-573 A Study in Islam
*T-574 A Study in Hinduism
*T-575 A Study in Buddhism
*T-576 Old Testament Studies
*T-577 New Testament Studies
*T-578 A Study in Traditional African Religions
*D-510 Introduction to Demonology
Bachelor of Science in Occult Sciences
Occult Science is the systematic study of hidden laws and principles of man and the universe. As such, it embraces all that modern science has discovered about the material world, as well as subjects of which material science knows little or nothing, such as philosophy, higher ethics and metaphysics.

*OS-600 A Study in Pagan Traditions
*OS-601 A Study in Runes
*OS-602 A Study in Tarot
*D-510 Introduction to Demonology
*OS-603 Introduction to Occult Sciences
*OS-604 Advanced Occult Sciences
*OS-605 A Study in Necromancy
*OS-606 A Study in Scrying
*OS-607 Crystal Metaphysics
*OS-608 Herbal Metaphysics
*OS-609 Candle Magic
*OS-610 A Study in Sorcery
*Required Research Writing Project
Bachelor of Arts in Folklore & Mythology
The Folklore & Mythology Program provides coordinated study of the traditional lifestyles of specific socieites and culture areas, on the one hand, and systematic training in the research methods and investigative techniques of cross-cultural study, on the other. Courses focus on the nature, history, and functions of such traditional forms as narrative, music, art, dance, religion, festival, and speech and consider the part they play in human development and cultural existence. The program examines the ways in which human traditions both reflect and contribute to continuity and consistency in thought and life.

*FM-560 American Folklore
*FM-561 Introduction to Classical Mythology
*FM-562 Fairy Lore
*FM-563 Native American Folklore
*FM-564 A Study of Dragons
*FM-565 African Folklore
*FM-566 Ancient Egyptian Folklore and Mythology
*D-510 Introduction to Demonology
*D-511 Advanced Demonology
*D-512 Vampires
*D-513 Lycanthropy (werewolves)
*PS-551 History of Witchcraft and Demonology
*Required Research Writing Project
Bachelor of Science in Cryptozoology
The primary objectives of this program are to:
1. Define Cryptozoology and site the origins of the term, both linguistically and in its present usage.
2. Identify Bernard Heuvelmans and the ISC.
3. List the "Big Three" of cryptozoology.
4. Identify to "Neo-giants," "True Giants," and "Merebeings."
5. Become familiar with the history of sea serpents.

*General Zoology
*CS-509 Introduction to Cryptozoology
*CS-519 Anomalous Hominids
*CS-520 Aquatic Cryptids
*CS-400 Flying Humanoids
*CS-529 "Monster" Studies
*CS-530 Cryptid Raptors
*CS-531 Homo Floresiensis "Hobbit"
*CS-532 Living Fossils
*CS-533 The Yowie
*CS-534 The Mothman
*CS-535 Advanced Cryptozoology
*CS-536 Advanced Cryptozoology Part II.
*Required Research Writing Project
Bachelor of Science in Paranormal Sciences
*PS-506 Crop Circles
*PS-507 Ghosts and Hauntings
*PS-508 Near-Death Experiences
*PS-545 Beings From Beyond
*PS-546 The Paranormal Investigator
*PS-547 The Monster Hunter
*PS-548 Non-Human Interdimensional Creatures
*PS-549 Mystical Beings
*PS-550 A Study in Angels
*PS-551 History of Witchcraft and Demonology
*PS-552 Supernatural Creatures
*Required Research Writing Project
Bachelor of Science in UFO Studies
*US-500 The UFO Phenomena
*US-501 The Abduction Phenomena
*US-502 The Roswell Incident
*MP 527 Exopolitical Studies
*US-537 The Phoenix Lights
*US-538 Underwater UFOs
*US-539 Bible-UFO Connection
*US-540 The Barney and Betty Hill Case
*US-541 Alien Agenda
*US-542 Majestic 12
*US-543 UFO Technology
*US-544 UFOs and National Security
*EA-514 Mysteries of Mars
*Required Research Writing Project
Master's-Level and Doctoral-Level Programs
Enrollment in the Institute's Master's-Level and Doctoral-Level programs requires applicants to submit a letter of intent, as well as the standard enrollment form, which can be found below.
Master's of Arts in Metaphysical Studies
*PS 507 Ghosts and Hauntings
*PS 508 Near-Death Experiences
*D 510 Introduction to Demonology
*MP 526 Human Devolution Studies
*PS 545 Beings From Beyond
*PS 548 Non-human Interdimensional Creatures
*OS 609 Candle Magic
*US 500 The UFO Phenomena
*AM 504 Ancient Astronauts
*CS 400 Flying Humanoids
*OS 60s Introduction to Occult Sciences
*VS 705 Vampire Legend and Lore
*AM 505 Archaeological Anomalies

Additional Requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysical Studies
*PS 549 Mystical Beings
*CS 534 The Mothman
*FM 560 Fairy Lore
Doctor of Philosophy in Demonology
Demonology is the study of the supernatural reality of evil spirits, devils, tricksters and malevolent gods. As such, the student will examine demonology from a variety of cultural, historical and philosophical perspectives.

*D-510 Introduction to Demonology
*D-511 Advanced Demonology
*D-512 Vampire Studies
*D-513 Lycanthropy (the werewolf)
*D-21 Archaeological Study of Demonology
*PS-507 Ghosts and Hauntings
*PS-545 Beings From Beyond
*PS-547 The Monster Hunter
*PS-548 Non-Human Interdimensional Creatures
*PS-549 Mystical Beings
*PS-551 History of Witchcraft and Demonology
*PS-552 Supernatural Creatures
*OS-603 Introduction to Occult Sciences
*Required Reading (Provided to the student by the Institute)

*For all degree programs, a letter of intent will be required. This should be a brief written statement, rendered by the incoming student, expressing their objectives and goals in pursuit of their particular degree selection.

*The Institute requires a non-refundable enrollment fee of $25.00 for all degree programs.
Any degree Program student may choose to enroll using the *Institute's interest-free monthly payment option. This option allows the student to begin his/her degree studies without making one full-price payment. The initial payment is 10% of the total tuition price. This option requires the use of a valid debit/credit card to be charged automatically at 30-day intervals. (For example, an enrolling student making an initial payment on June 1st, would be charged again on July 1st, and so on until their account is paid in full). Books and materials are shipped to the student after each payment is confirmed. For this option, students should choose the "Payment Plan" option when enrolling (below).

*The Interest-free monthly payment option represents a contractual agreement between the American Institute of Metaphysics and the student. As such, students will be charged a $50 fee for any declined card processing attempt. This fee and the student's normal monthly tuition fee must be paid in full before subsequent texts and materials can be shipped.


For all students using the interest-free monthly tuition payment option...

Students who miss two or more monthly payments will be removed from their program until payments have been brought current in addition to a $75.00 reinstatement fee.




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